Study groups

The study group has been existing since 2018. It looks into the transfer of Buddhist principles to the general teaching – learning context.

Points of emphasis: 

     The integration of personal Dhamma practice into daily working life

     Research and internal further education

      Supply of further education as well as individual counseling for educational staff

      Supervision out of Buddhist perspective

Introducing our team:

Annette Haeger: Primary school study of German, Mathematics and protestant religion; additional four years of lectureship in German, at the university of Paderborn and two years delegation to the university of Paderborn as for the improvement of education. She is working as primary teacher in Detmold.

Steffi Kolditz-Hausner: Qualified (,,Diplom“) social worker, additionally specialized in Montessori Pedagogy; qualified in psychotherapy according to German legal registration as naturopath; qualified in Systemic Social Therapy. She is working as pedagogical employee at the protestant primary school Magdeburg.

Christiane Kociszewska: Christiane Kociszewska: Study of Anglistics / American Studies and Spanish Studies in Münster, longtime experienced as head of department for English at secondary schools (,,Gymnasium“ ) and comprehensive schools ( ,,Gesamtschule” ), as specialized consultant for English with the district government, and as headmistress with comprehensive schools; 6 years of setting up a new comprehensive school. She is working as head of department in further education of teachers with the district government in Detmold.

Kirsten Moeller: Study for professional schools, teacher for lower classes in Mathematics, German and Sports; teacher training course for development schools (“Förderschulen“ ) / pedagogy for behavioral disturbances,  Master of Business Administration university of Halle; additional qualifications: specific teaching of classes in sports promotion, Ethics and English; parental training concerning ADS ( syndrome of attentional deficit) and ADHS ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ). She is working as headmistress at a development school in Halberstadt.

Conducting guidance: Ayya Mudita: She has been a Buddhist nun in the Theravada tradition since 2000. She practiced in the Allgäu for many years, initiated the foundation of Anenja Vihara Monastery, which she headed for 4 years. To deepen her studies and meditation, she practiced in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Taiwan and foremost Thailand. Since 2015 she has been devoting herself to teaching within the framework of Sarana Dhamma Treffpunkt and in the Sarana City Center.
Pedagogical background: Youth Welfare Service, education in residential care and teaching qualification in sports in lower classes, rehabilitation education for the blind / education for the deaf-blind, feminist cultural education and philosophy.

Discussion on the subject started in 2018 and resulted in initiating a study group, where people have been meeting since 2022. It addresses to Dhamma practitioners, working in the field of therapy, counseling, coaching, supervision.

Points of emphasis:

  • Integration of one’s personal Dhamma practice into daily working life
  • Internal further education
  • Case discussions in Buddhist perspective